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I was a guest presenter for the show ‘On the Edge’ which aired on Controversial TV, Sky Channel 200, on the 3rd May 2012. My guest was Helen Sewell and we discussed the astrology of 2012 a phase of change which will last for the next decade.

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On the 9th November 2012, Justin Welby was announced as the 105th Archbishop of the See of Canterbury. He officially became Archbishop on 4 February 2013, succeeding Dr Rowan Williams who retired at the end of December 2012. The new Archbishop was enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral on 21st March 2013. Of course in Astrological terms the 21st March is the Spring Equinox falling at 0 degrees Aries or 0 degrees of a cardinal sign which is known as the Aries point. The Aries point is an extremely powerful point where the energy urges to be pushed forward. There are four cardinal points that hold extreme importance which include the 21st March Spring equinox, 21st June Summer solstice, 21st September Autumn equinox, and 21st December Winter Solstice, Individuals who are born on the cardinal points of the zodiac tend to be thrust into the limelight in some shape or form for either good or bad. For example Edward Snowden was born on the Summer solstice, 21 June 1983. Read more

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Why was the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Christian man, wearing pagan garb??

Valentine’s Astrology

Important Mercury retrograde dates for 2017

from earth sign Taurus to fire sign Aries

from earth sign Virgo ends in fire sign Leo

           In fire sign Sagittarius

Eclipse dates for 2017

Lunar eclipse 1o February  22 Leo 28

Solar Eclipse 26 February  8 Pisces 12

Partial Lunar eclipse 7 August 15 Aquarius 25

Total solar Eclipse 21 August  28 Leo 53

 Taurus 20 April - 20 May   earth sign, sensual and creative

It is the time of Taurus the Bull and those who were born between the 20th April and the 20th May will be enjoying their solar returns. The solar return is when the Sun re-connects and goes back to the same place it was when you are born. The solar return period is extremely important as a new phase and cycle for the year begins. In my experience I find that the themes for the year begin to surface a couple of months before your birthday so by the time that special day arrives you already have an inkling as to what to expect. The solar return chart is always intriguing because you inherit a new Ascendant and Descendant axis as well as a different Midheaven and IC.  Astrology is all about big cycles mixed with smaller cycles and the different energies and influences of the planets changing your outlook on life as you go through these cycles. 2017 can be quite challenging for many Taurus born individuals. Keep your chin up and don’t let the obstacles get you down. Saturn is currently transiting through your solar 8th house of other people’s money, sex and death. You may need to revise your career ambitions and restructure spending habits. Whatever you decide to do this will not be a year where you can sit back quietly you will need to take charge of financial matters to find a new sense of happiness and balance. Use these months to put new plans in motion that allow you to have a new sense of purpose and direction. You may find that you face heavy limitations and burdens. This is just the energy of Saturn making you set a course and so you can mature financially.

Adele was born on the 5th May 1988. She was born with her Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus. She has a very strong and sturdy voice with rich harmonious tones. She’s benefited from having Jupiter close to her Sun and has had a successful career starting at a young age. Adele’s songs tend to be about love and relationships a Venusian characteristic. Taurus is ruled by Venus so love, romance, music, comfort and creativity are pursuits that bring great happiness.

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