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Esoteric Discussions with Valentine St Aubyn

2012 Broadcasts

8th January 2012

Award winning director

Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash films. 1 hour hour.

I kicked off a new year of Esoteric Discussions with my special guest Bill Maloney, independent film maker and director.  Bill is known for his cutting edge films that tackle social issues and current events.  Many of his films are available free to watch from his website. We had a lively chat  covering many topics.

22nd February 2012

An insight on a variety of topics and an interview with cardio fitness instructor Tony  Bourdet from A121 Fitness. 1 hour.

I talked about solar flairs and gave an update on some strange things that have been occurring so far in 2012. The Superbowl illuminati ritual by Madonna, followed by Nicki Minaj’s satanic performance at the Grammys. The strange death of Whitney Houston. Later in the show my guest was Tony Bourdet and we discussed the importance of good health, fitness and eating the right kinds of food.

Esoteric Discussions

2013 Broadcasts

7thMarch 2012

Paul Westran, When Stars Collide , timing and progressed synastry. 1 hour.

Well Mercury was going into its retrograde motion when I had this interview with astrologer and author Paul Westran and of course there were a few technical issues.  But we had a very interesting interview discussing the mechanics of progressed synastry and how timing is a crucial factor.  Have you ever thought that when you met someone it was fate? Well progressed synastry can help you understand how the stars align to signal if you are to be with that special someone or not. Paul has kindly transcribed the interview as there are problems with the sound quality of the mp3, this is also attached as a PDF.

Esoteric Discussions 7 March 2012 - transcript.pdf

21st March 2012

An interview with an Indigo part I.  1 hour.

In this show I continued  my discussion ‘Signs in the Sky’ as it’s been busy with solar flares, fireballs and a new asteroid adding to the activity to make people look up towards the heavens. Later in the show I was joined by  a young adult Indigo who has only recently discovered he is one.

4th April 2012

The Art of Modern Wizardry with Stanley Stewart. 1 hour.

I was joined by Master wizard Stanley Stewart. We talked about the true nature of Wizardry and learned some of its basic concepts.  Although many of the films and television shows present wizardry as a form of Witchcraft the truth is Wizardry has never been about casting spells or conjuring up entities. It is a journey into reconnecting with source, the One.

18th April 2012

An Interview with an Indigo part II. 1 hour.

An interview with an Indigo part II

I continued my discussion with Thengo who has recently discovered that he is an Indigo.  We discussed some of the experiences he has recently had and the changes he has noticed within himself recently as he has awakened. We also discussed some of the interesting subjects he has been researching. A fascinating discussion with a voice of the future.

The new indigo children

3rd May 2012

The Astrology of 2012 with Helen Sewell. 1 hour.

To celebrate my guest host appearance On The Edge Thursday 3rd May I re-aired my interview with Helen Sewell who was a guest on my show last year in 2011.

I dedicated this show to the music of the Beastie Boys in honour of Adam Yauch’s death.  I was also joined in the studio by artist and musician Pedro Goffe.

16th May 2012

A tribute to Adam Yauch, MCA, from the Beastie Boys. 1 hour.

Thomas Sheridan is the author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath and Defeated Demons: Freedom from Consciousness  Parasites in Psychopathic society. Thomas Sheridan is an internationally renowned artist, author, musician, public speaker and independent researcher you can learn more about his work by visiting his website.

13th June 2012

Thomas Sheridan joined me after his 3 day “Terrorism Exposed Tour”, 1 hour.

27th June 2012

Nancy Lieder of Zetalk  discussing Planet X and many other topics, 1 hour

Nancy is the official emissary and contactee for the Zetas.  She has bravely fought through public ridicule and criticism consistently bringing information about Planet X, the pole shift and the coming transformation on our planet.

25th July 2012

An interview with Jo Scott, Psychic and Author of The Love Key, 1 hour

In the first part of the show I was joined by Dawn Birch-James organiser of Art in the heart in Peterborough. In the second half of the show I was joined by Jo Scott, Author and Psychic, and we  discussed questions of love and the heart.

Part 1

Part 2

8th August 2012

Bankers, Bailouts and EU Baloney with Alex:g, 1 hour

Interview with Alex:g presenter of ‘On the Edge’ Sky channel 200. We discussed his new series of talks, beginning with acclaimed speaker Ian R. Crane, to inform the public about the growing banking crises and the impact this is having on our society. Pedro Goffe also made an appearance and we all had a chat about our upcoming new show RedAlertRadio.


“The stories of the witnesses are more powerful than the stories from the authorities - we’re all Greeks now.” Birgitta Jonsdottir