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The following clips look to inform and update viewers perception of the wider realities that underpin all of our lives, concepts and facts which often lay hidden, unreported and dressed over by daily state propaganda and disinformation to keep us ever more distant from knowing the truth.

Mike Prysner veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, speaking at the "Winter Soldier" hearings, Maryland, March 2008.

A Michael More documentary film “Fahrenheit 9/11. A film about the truth behind the case for war on Iraq and those who stood to gain?  

No one knows it like Gerald Celente! Jan.2011 Interviewed on RT. Forecasting, tracking and analysing global trends.

Melt up, May 2010 - By the National Inflation Association. The Second American Revolution has begun! Please share this documentary.

Bird & Fortune - Feb. 2008. Satire about the property market, Mervyn King, Northern Rock, Alliance & Leicester and the lies they tell us.

Zeitgeist Addendum: A comprehensive film about money creation, debt, perpetual inflation and interest in the monetary system. Oct 2008.

Why are First World economies collapsing?Learn the truth from the real experts!

Bird & Fortune - Feb. 2008. Satire on the social fundamentals of action and consequence from the Sub prime crisis. The illusion of the markets.

for the Oneness of consciousness.