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The Esoteric in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight- Naomi Campbell’s beach house in Cleopatra´s Island, a quasi desert beach Island in Turkey.  The house is designed to replicate the Eye of Horus. The whole concept is by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido.

Uncovering the mysticism in the architecture of the Pearl Building - Peterborough, England.

Is it any wonder that the Peterborough Masonic Hall gathers just down the road from here, at 127 Ellindon, Bretton. The grounds include a large compass Node shaped out of a 2 foot high garden maze and a two step pyramid. Inside, a marble Cross adorns the atrium floor, pointing North. From a birds eye view the whole building lines up in a cross formation with the cardinal points just like a gigantic compass. Could the building have been designed to resemble the Orion belt too?

The number 12 is the number of apostles and the 12 houses of the zodiac. The fountain statue is it St. Mary of Antioc with a dragon or a dark-night with horns? Notice the pope’s palm leaf representing the St. Peter Square story of the erection of the 350 tones Obelisk brought from Heliopolis, Egypt under Caligula for his Circus Maximus, and the globe sphere in the right hand. The Fleur-de-lis in the amenity area is usually associated with “fraternity” and is used in heraldry as well.

There are 12 trees on top of the pyramid, the “stage” as above so below, and 12 divisions in circle made in the interior marble Cross in the atrium, flanked by the two staircases, shown above left.

The Octagon (8) is also a structural design representing the infinite, the sacred shape in religion, the  Euclidean space, the phoenix eagle of eagles, 888 the Christ and the Holly Spirit.

Other interesting finds include three tapestries, from left; from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, showing the separation of the Sky (Nut) from the Earth (Geb) by their father Shu - God of light and air. Nut the sky God makes dark with the night and protects humans from malevolent forces holding the stars, he is sister to Geb earth God. This describes their own view of birth and rebirth, as Nut swallows the sun at dusk to give birth to it again in the morning of the next day.

The book of the dead made a peaceful afterlife possible via a collection of spells, charms, passwords and magical formulas for the use of the deceased in the after life. It was a guide through trials they would encounter before reaching the underworld. It included the weighing of the heart against Ma’ator or truth (Maat is truth and justice). Process carried out by Anubis and measured against the weight of a feather. If the weight of the heart was to heavy the deceased would be devoured by Ammit, the monster. The god Thoth would record the results (circa 2025-1700 b.c.).

Naomi Campbell’s beach house in Cleopatra´s Island.

Reincarnation and life-death cycles. Are we simply acting out themes from interrupted past life paths?

Walter Simkie who embarked on reincarnation research in 1995 and is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited and Evidence of Reincarnation has argued in his research that we can prove reincarnation is real by method of experiential recollection, such in cases where past life regression has transformed individuals either from a skeptic to a believer or in providing the conclusive evidence many were looking for by often validating their past lifetime.

In the hope to add my 2p to the topic, let’s examine the life path of musician CW-Stoneking, pictured above, born in 1974. Could there be more to the story than just a guy who is into American grass roots music, although he is from Australia, dressing very much like the 1800 epoch, often showing similar physicalities, and adopting the same musicianship style. Not to mention having the same talent as Dock Boggs who happened to have died in 1971! Or, is it because he’s “remembering it” from a past life and has come back with that same embodied energy. We know stories of people who recall snap-shots of their other lives or others who recall places they have ever been to before.  We see this karma playing out in the film Cloud Atlas, where Sonmi says “Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we're bound to others... Past and present... And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future...". I let you decide.

CW-Stoneking 1974-now

Dock Boggs 1898-1971

The second tapestry pictures the four elements, earth-fire-water and wind and their relation in sacred alchemy to the zodiac thus describing the cycle seasons and the cycle of life.

Third image, below, was inspired by the Mesoamerica dieties. The centre piece seems to take the form of a Cross pattée showing four designs in its four arms. The Maya believed the Earth was flat with four corners. Each corner represented a cardinal direction. Each direction had a colour: east-red; north-white; west-black; south-yellow. Green was the centre. At each corner, there was a jaguar of a different colour that supported the sky. The jaguars were called bacabs. Mayans believed that four jaguars held up the sky.

Kukulkan "Feathered Serpent": is the name of a Maya snake deity that has his origins among the Maya of the Classic Period, when he was known as Waxaklahun Ubah Kan, the War Serpent, and he has been identified as the Postclassic version of the Vision Serpent of Classic Maya art. Kukulkan is also depicted presiding over sacrifice scenes.

The snake, whose cult in Mexico started around 400 B.C.E., was a symbol of rebirth and continuity through its ability to shed its skin and appear to be “reborn,” again. The snake also represented the “bridge” between the underworld, water and sky.

In Nahuatl mythology, Tezcatlipoca or "smoking mirror" was the god of the night, the north, temptation, sorcery, beauty and war. When depicted he was usually drawn with a black stripe painted across his face, and is usually shown with his right foot replaced with a mirror made of obsidian or hematite.

Water creatures.                             From the Nuttall Codex.

Tepeyollotl: The  jaguar was a Mayan symbol for the divine right of kings.

Most likely a jaguar warrior who were the elite warriors of the Aztecs.

Maize was the staple grain of the Aztec empire, and pyramid.