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2011 Broadcasts

8th June 2011

Galactic Astrology -The discovery of Star Markings

Interviewed guest Lavandar. 1 hour.

Lavandar shared her intriguing story about the discovery of star markings in the natal chart.  We discussed the definition of a starseed, a term she coined, and how important all of this information was in the coming years ahead.

22nd June 2011

The Life and works of Nikola Tesla

Interviewed guest Tony Nero. 1 hour.

In this show I discussed Nikola Tesla, a scientist of extraordinary vision who shaped our modern world and in return was written out of the history books.  Later in the show artist Tony Nero discussed aspects of his life and work.

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6th July 2011

The arrival of planet Nibiru, Planet X - part I with Ann Eller. 1 hour.

The arrival of planet Nibiru, with Ann Eller. In this show I was joined by Ann Eller, author of Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy from the stars.  We discussed her work with noted astronomer and pioneer in the field of UFO and alien research Dr. J. Allen Hynek and her valuable information about the arrival of planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X.

3st August 2011

Karmic Astrology with Marguerite Manning. 1 hour.

Although the planet Mercury was retrograde when this show aired I managed to have a great interview without too many computer hiccups.  My guest was Margeruite Manning, Astrologer and bestselling author of, Cosmic Karma: Understanding your contract with the universe and we had a great discussion about karmic astrology.

17th August 2011

The Astrology of 2012

Interviewed guest Helen Sewell. 1 hour.

In this show I was joined by professional astrologer Helen Sewell and we talked about the signs of our times, the astrology of 2012. Helen studied with the renowned astrologer Liz Green. She gives personal consultations, as well as writing for astrological journals and websites.

31st August 2011

The History of MK Ultra and Project Monarch.

Interviewed guest Shane Collins and Tashara Forrest. 1 hour.

In this show Shane Collins of Urban Green Fair joined me for a chat about this yearly festival. Later in the show I discussed the covert operation of mind control known as MK Ultra.  I discussed the evolution of its history and how it is used within the media and entertainment industries and embedded within the fabric of our modern society. To wrap up the show I was joined by guest Tashara Forrest aka Sharon Angelica who gave us a special musical performance and spoke to me about her involvement in life style creative expression workshops.

Andy Lloyd is the author of three books about Planet X. His non-fiction title 'Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence' remains hugely popular six years after its initial publication, and has subsequently been translated and published in Germany. We talked about the evidence for Planet X and what we need to know.

7th September 2011

Dark Star: Evidence for Planet X with Andy Lloyd. 1 hour.

21st September 2011

The arrival of planet nibiru, planet x  part II with Ann Eller. 1 hour.

5th October 2011

Walter Tull (28 april 1888 - 25 March 1918) : Footballer, Soldier, Hero with Dan Lyndon. 1 hour.

To Celebrate Black History month I was joined by bestselling author and history teacher Dan Lyndon who discussed the life and legacy of Walter Tull, one of England’s first black footballers.

In this show I continued my Black History theme. I was joined by Dr Hakim Adi who is a University lecturer and author. He is the co-founder of the Black and Asian Studies Association and has written several books on the subject. His many books are available on Amazon .com/

19th October 2011  An introduction to Black British History with Dr Hakim Adi. 1 hour.

Ann Eller returns for a special second part interview about Planet X.

“All of the prophecies of the world are converging now and there’s no time for games. The new Madrid fault will make Wales, Scotland and Ireland to loose 150 feet of elevation...”

In this show I was joined by Andy Thomas who is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and political truth issues, and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda. We had an exciting discussion about some of the topics in his book and his thoughts about what’s to come in 2012 and beyond.

2nd November 2011

The Truth Agenda with Andy Thomas. 1 hour.

30th November 2011

UFOs in Reality - The astronautical theory with Roy Dutton. 1 hour.                       Part 2

T. Roy Dutton is a chartered engineer, a member of  the Royal aeronautical society and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. His working life was spent in the British aerospace industry working on many projects, commencing with rocketry and advanced space vehicle studies. He is the author of UFOs in Reality which is available from

It seems the men in black weren't too happy for Roy and I to speak, and our last interview was riddled with technical difficulties hence part I and II.

Part 2, 1 hr.

Part 1, 30 min.

In this show alex:g joined me live in the studio. We had a great chat talking about a range of diverse subjects as well as his work with Cult TV, and his current work as host for Edge Media TV’s flagship show ‘On the Edge.’

14th December 2011

An interview with AlexG of Edge Media TV. 1 hour.

28th December 2011

New Year’s eve special with special guests:

Joy Bryant and Beqi Brinkhorst of beqi 1 hour.

I had a bit of fun in this special show to celebrate New Year’s eve. We had a special performance  from Joy Bryant founder of Ascension Ministry and Beqi Brinkhorst, director of Beqi Clothing discussed  life as a business owner  in these troubled times. It was a different show from the norm but still just as interesting as ever.

Esoteric Discussions

2012 Broadcasts

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