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3rd of May 2012

I was a guest presenter for the show ‘On The Edge’ Sky channel 200 - Controversial TV, and my guest was professional astrologer Helen Sewell. We discussed the Astrology of 2012 - a window of time we are currently in. The first hour was a LIVE TV broadcast and the second hour streamed LIVE solely through a Web Livefeed for an online audience. In both shows there was a musical performance from Pedro Goffe who also joined us for a chat on the second part of the program.

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Willow Festival 25, 26 and 27th of May 2012

I was at the Willow Festival with Peterborough FM and my colleagues at the end of May. We saw the return of the Willow Festival after a long hiatus.  It was a great event with a large turnout and Peterborough FM was there broadcasting live.  I contributed by interviewing vendors, artists and the public as well as DJ’ing a live set. Special thanks to my Peterborough FM colleagues Paul Newman, Doc Mason, Brian the Lion, Simon db, Matthew Soulman, Jo Gardiner, Graham Jarvis and Thomasz.

Bankers, Bailouts and EU Baloney 5th of September 2012

I could not miss this public seminar in Whittlesley, held at the Childers Sport and Social Club, with special guest speaker Ian R. Crane. This was yet again a revealing insight on the financial crises and the webs of influence and secrecy the mainstream media will not talk about. Hosted by Alex:g presenter of ‘On the Edge’, this was a rare opportunity to see up close the two great pioneers of this alternative information community. I also gave a helping hand on the DVDs sales for Alex:g.

From the left: Kenton from Edge Media TV, Alex:g and me.